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Why Windsor Manor?

Reason Why People Move to Windsor Manor


“We did not want to be a burden to our children. Whenever they come over, we are always putting them to work.”

“It was getting very difficult to maintain our home.”

“I wanted peace of mind for myself as well as my children.”

“It was getting hard for me to stand at the stove or sink for very long.”

“We didn’t want to put off moving until we could no longer do anything for ourselves and possibly end up in a nursing home.”

“We wanted to move where we would have a fun and safe environment.”

“It isn’t very easy to drive anymore, and my kids worry about me driving in bad weather.”

“I didn’t like being alone. Now I’m among friends and have many things to do.”

“We had to hire people to cut our grass and shovel our driveway.”

“I didn’t want to have to go up and down stairs any longer, and at Windsor Manor, it is just one level.”

“I was tired of cooking and housekeeping.”

“I help my wife with getting in and out of the shower and dressing, it is nice to have someone to assist with that since it is getting hard for me.”